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Photo by Kelsey Kobik

Flower Crew


Our bustling flower farm is looking for an assistant.

Carolyn Snell Designs at Snell Family Farm grows about 4 acres of flowers for sale at Portland Farmers’ Market, our farm stand, to other designers, and for our own designs. We work within Snell Family Farm’s diverse fields and greenhouses, but we focus on cut flowers.


We have some machines that help us, but we do a lot of hand planting, trellising, weeding, harvesting, and delivery.


The pace is always fast with an eye on quality. We need a person with energy and endurance who enjoys working outside in all kinds of weather (Heat! Cold! Rain! Mud! Bugs!) surrounded by beauty. We often work as a team, but the ability to work independently is crucial. The work we do is sometimes monotonous, but always meaningful and satisfying, and the jobs we do vary from day to day and month to month.


The assistant can expect to learn a lot about planting and weeding, as well as the names and proper stage of harvest for various flower crops and post-harvest strategies. There is potential to learn some design techniques and make bouquets and everlasting wreaths, but that is a small percentage of the work that needs to be accomplished.


Experience in farming or floristry is not necessary, but good listening skills and the ability to focus on the task at hand is crucial.

The ideal candidate would be available to work three to five 6-8 hour days from Early May into October.


Compensation is hourly and depends on experience. 

Housing is not available.


Email Carolyn Snell (Carolyn@snellfamilyfarm.com) a letter of intent and a resume if you’re interested or if you have questions.


The application period is rolling as we plan our team, so don’t delay!


Greenhouse and Veg Crew

Snell Family Farm is a diversified vegetable and fruit farm in Buxton, Maine. Although we use many organic practices, we are not certified organic, but strive to be sustainable in our practices.

Our work varies with the seasons.  We begin raising plants in greenhouses in March for sale in May and June and for planting in our own fields. Vegetable harvesting begins in July and continues through the fall.  Throughout the summer we plant, transplant, weed, hoe, and harvest, selling the food we produce at our home farm stand, Tuesday through Sunday and at the Portland Farmers’ Market on Wednesdays and Saturdays.  The hours worked depend on the season and weather.  In summer we may have an early start to avoid the worst of the heat.  In late fall we may have to have a later start as the day warms. Many folks work four to six hours per day, four or five days a week. Work continues through Saturdays and Sundays.


Farm work can be muddy, cold, hot, repetitive, and physically uncomfortable at times. On the other hand, there is real satisfaction working with a crew to see the crops grow, ripen, and then be picked at peak flavor and freshness.   We have lots of machines to help with the work that can be mechanized.  We are happy that our core crew has returned for many seasons.


We anticipate needing a couple of folks beginning in May, and a couple more beginning in July.

Housing is not available.

Pay is hourly and based on experience.

Email Carolyn Snell (Carolyn@snellfamilyfarm.com) a letter of intent and a resume if you’re interested or if you have questions.


The application period is rolling as we plan our team, so don’t delay!

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