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Update for 2023: We do not have the capacity to add any new members this year. Current members may add to their accounts at any time.


Snell Family Farm offers a variation of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), whereby customers prepay for farm products and receive a 10% discount for their support.  For example, John or Jane Customer sends a check for $180.00 and the Snells credit the Customers’ account $200.00. Then, through the season, Jane and John can shop at the greenhouses and farm stand or at Portland Farmers’ Market at the Snell truck without money.  Instead, the transaction is written on a slip and recorded back at the ranch. 


This gives the Snells some operating capital before the season and makes shopping convenient for the Customers.  With the money discounted 10%, $90.00 buys $100.00 credit, $180.00 is worth $200.00 and $270.00 becomes a balance of $300.00. If the balance is not used up in the course of one season, the money is carried forward to the next year or refunded at the Customers’ request. 


If the balance is depleted early, they may recharge the account. We will extend the 10% discount to the amount paid ahead after covering any overdraft.

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