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Carolyn Snell



In June, July, August, and September, we sell bulk mixed buckets of flowers for your designing pleasure. These come in 2-gallon buckets and include lots of gorgeous focal flowers and plenty of textural accents, herbs, and greenery to round out your arrangements. 


Buckets are the best choice if you plan to arrange your own centerpieces and/or bouquets and are very flexible about your vision. They are especially great for backyard or barn weddings if they have a more casual feel.


Buckets of bulk flowers are spontaneous and seasonal. We cannot guarantee to include certain flowers or certain stem counts in the bulk flower bucket option. (Our books are now closed and will reopen in November for 2022 bookings.)

Think Bulk Flowers are right for you and your event?

Ask yourself these questions:


Do I like working with flowers?


Do I have enough people and time to put together my arrangements?


Am I ready to source my own vases and containers?


Do I have a water source and work area to make my arrangements? There will be stems to cut, leaves to remove and some water splashing, spilling, and dripping.


Is my vision for the arrangements something I can execute?


Yes? Great!

trailer load of sunflowers, mums, lisianthus and amaranth
car full of bulk flowers: baptisia, sweet william, blackberry foliage

We can prepare bulk flower buckets in all colors--mixed--or we can compose them in your special colors at an additional charge. Local flowers are a wonderful way to celebrate Maine and support local business.


Bulk flowers do not include free design help, so if this is the avenue you choose, we can help you determine the number of buckets, but basically the rest is up to you. If you or someone in your family would like to have a crash course in designing in the type of vessels you choose, we can schedule a workshop with you/them. Those start at $400, and would happen earlier than 2 weeks before the event.


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Bulk Flower FAQs

How many stems come in a bucket? We never count stems, it's all about the amazing mass of flowers, but we'd guess somewhere in the 60-80 stems range.


Do I need to refrigerate them? No, just keep them in a shady place away from pets. An air conditioned room is good. Our flowers are really fresh, and as long as they stay in water they'll last 4-10 days.


Do you deliver? Yes, we deliver within a 1 hour radius of the farm in Buxton. Delivery starts at $50 and goes up depending on distance, timing, and which van we'll need to use. We often deliver buckets of bulk flowers to Casco Bay Lines for events that happen on Peaks Island.


When should I get my flowers? Usually about one day ahead of your event, but two would be fine. Almost never should you plan to pick up or receive your bulk flowers the morning of your event.


Will the flowers fit in my car? That depends on how many buckets of flowers you're getting and how big and how full of other supplies (the champagne! the tuxes! the other decor!) your car is. Three buckets fill up a back seat. Carolyn can help you figure out which vehicle to send to pick up your flowers. Make sure your vehicle has air conditioning. Flowers should never be in the back of an open pick up truck.


How many arrangements can I make out of each bucket? Container sizes and styles of arranging vary so much. If you're using mason jars, you can probably make 6-8 pint or quart jars out of each bucket.


Am I crazy for taking on such a project right before my wedding? Not necessarily! Making the arrangements can be a fun activity for you and/or your friends that you don't get to see very often. Have fun with it! Allow yourself plenty of time and space. Make sure you have sharp snippers, you will be cutting every single stem at least once.


I need some taller flowers to make a few larger arrangements. Is that possible? Yes! Regular buckets are full of stems that are usually 14-18" tall. We grow many flowers that give us nice long stems and can do buckets with taller elements. They cost a bit more. Let us know what kind of height you're looking for and we'll share the different options.


I think I want to do my own centerpieces, but want my bouquet to be perfect. Can I do both DIY flowers and have you do my bouquet? Yes! This is one of our favorite combos. Contact us to discuss your needs. We have lots of brides choose that we create their ceremony flowers and then they get a few buckets for the reception arrangements.


This sounds good! What do I do next? Email us at Since we sell flowers that we grow, supply is not unlimited. Make sure your date is still available and that we'll have the right colors for you. We will help you estimate how many buckets you'll need. Then you put down a payment and sign a contract to hold the date while we grow your flowers.

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