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March is sign-up time for low-income seniors who want to participate in the Maine Senior Farm Share Program and receive $50.00 worth of produce over the course of the season. Seniors must be 60 years or over in age (55 for Native Americans), be a Maine resident, and not live in the household of or be an immediate family member of the farmer.


They must meet the following income criteria: Live alone and have an income below $21,775.00 or have a combined income (with a spouse) below $29,471.00. (Both can have a share but each must sign up individually.)


The Senior FarmShare program is very popular. Seniors must sign-up each year, even if they were with a farmer last year.  To participate with the Snells, qualified seniors must call 929-6166 or 929-5318. Seniors may shop for fresh produce at the farm in Bar Mills on Route 112 beginning in July and continuing through October until their credit is retired.


Participants have given the program high marks. Some folks say they had forgotten the very good taste of fresh fruit and vegetables. Some have tried new foods like unusual greens or ethnic vegetables, and many report they enjoy the social interaction with the farm crew. The payments in May help us farmers with cash flow to pay for seed and early production costs. We, too, enjoy meeting the seniors and their families. It’s another step in keeping the land economically alive and productive.     

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