Cut Flower Reference Chart

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crop variety pros cons drying? how to grow? bloom season? must have?
Acroclinium New Double Giants White and Pink flowers, similar to strawflowers, especially for drying annual yes transplants August
Ageratum Blue horizon Beautiful addition to garden and great filler type flower. Fuzzy purple-blue flowers. not too tall annual so-so transplants July-September
Amaranthus Many Varieties Excellent accompaniment to sunflowers. Very dramatic flower tassels.  may self seed annual so-so seed or transplants July-September
Asclepias Oscar A very unusual plant. Grows all season to produce funky seedpods in fall. funky shape, not for everyone annual so-so transplants September-October
Asclepias silky formula mix Beautiful gold to orange flowers. Great with Zinnias. ocasionally wilts in vase annual no transplants August-September
Asters Many Varieties Beautiful white, pink, red, and purple flowers. Long stems. Good vase life.  Can be susceptible to disease and insect problems. annual so-so transplants August-September
Celosia Several Varieties Unusual flowers add neat texture to bouquets. Colors range from reds and oranges to limes, rose, and yellow. annual yes transplants July-September
Cosmos Sensation mix A classic garden cut flower. Beautiful floating flowers.  Not such a long vase life. annual no transplants or seed Ausust-September
Eucalyptus Silver drop Lovely texture and fragrance. Silver foliage. annual yes transplants August-September
Euphorbia Marginata Killimanjaro Unusual green and white foliage. Very graceful. Good vase life. annual no transplants or seed Late July-September
Godetia Grace Mix Beautiful satin-looking flowers in soft and bright colors.  Blooms tend to all come on at once. annual so-so transplants July
Gomphrena Globosa QIS mix Beautiful clover-like blooms in many colors annual yes transplants August-September
Helianthus Sunflower Many varieties A very satisfying choice. Grows fast. Choose from all shades of yellow, cream, and bronze. Many avaliable heights up to 8 feet. Some are branching and some make one beautiful stem. Also avaiable: pollenless varieties. annual so-so seed or transplants Late July-September yes!
Helichrysum bracteatum cut flower mix double star-shaped daisies, especially for drying may wilt as a fresh cut annual yes transplants August-September
Lisianthus Echo mix A stunning cutflower in all pastel shades. Looks roselike, but more delicate. Vase life of 2 weeks!  Can be finicky in garden.  annual no transplants August-October
Marigold tall varieties Old fashioned choice.  Very long vase life. Bright colors. Strong smelling. annual yes transplants or seed July-September
Millet Several Varieties Beautiful texture. Great with Sunflowers. Also beautiful as garden accent. annual yes seed or transplants July-September
Moluccea Bellis Bells of Ireland Beautiful green bells on tower-like stems.  Finicky to grow in North. annual so-so transplant August
Nigella Love in a mist Beautiful blue or white flowers. Unusual seed pods. annual yes transplant or seed July-August
ornamental kale-cutting two varieties Neat textures for fall bouquets. Must crowd for tall stems. annual no transplant September-October
Phlox drumundi Tapestry mix Beautiful colors of small round flowers. Fragrant. A nice addition to short bouquets. On the short side. annual no transplant or seed Late June-August
Scabiosa Olympia Mix and Black Knight Beautiful pincushion-shaped blooms on straight stems annual no transplant late july-september
Snapdragon Many varieties, especialy Rockets Tall stems with tube-shaped flowers. Great for early and late color. annual no transplant Late June-September yes!
Statice Many colors Wide range of colors. Great filler type flower. Excellent for drying. annual yes transplant Late June-September
Sweet Pea royal mix Beautifully delicate flowers on vines. Heavenly fragrance.  Not very long vase life. Needs tellis. annual no seed or transplants Early July-September
Tithonia torch Unusual bright orange flowers atop fuzzy tall plants. Great for hedging.  Stems can be weak. annual no seed or transplants Late July-September
Verbena  Bonariensis Beautiful purple flowers on tall straight stems. Great look in the garden or large containers. Attracts butterflies. poor germination annual no transplants Late July-September
Zinnias many kinds and colors Wide range of colors. Each plant makes many blooms.  4 day vase life. annual no seed or transplants July-September yes!
Dahlias, Karma Many colors Tall plants send of many many beautiful flowers. Colors range from creamy white to pinks, magentas, maroons, and oranges.  Susceptible to disease and insect problems. annual that creates tuber yes tubers or transplants august-October
Dianthus Barbatus Sweet William Wide range of colors. Early Bloomer. Fragrant comes and goes fast biennial no seeds or plants Late June-July
Digitalis Several Varieties Beautiful spikes of flowers atop tall stems occasionally wilts in vase biennial/ perennial no seeds or plants Late June-September depending on Variety
Lilies Asiatic and Oriental Beautiful flowers, some fragrant. red lily beetle bulb/ perennial no bulbs/plants June-August
Achillea Yarrow: Many colors Beautiful Filler type flower. Reliable grower. perennial so-so plants or seed June-August
Alchimilla mollis Thriller (Lady's Mantle) Pretty chartreuse flowers in spring. Foamy filler.Can grow in partial shade occasionally wilts in vase perennial possibly plants Late June-Late July
Asclepias perennial types Great to have in the garden to attract Monarch Butterflies. Also a beautiful filler-type flower. Comes in white, rose, or orange.  perennial no transplants July yes!
Astilbe many kinds and colors Delicate plumes from white to rose, red, and lavender 4 day vase life. perennial yes plants or bareroot July-August
Baptisia australis Beautiful blue spikes in late spring. Foliage a good filler all season. Sometimes plant is slow to get rolling. perennial no plants June-July
Buddleia  Butterfly bush: Several shades Lilac-shaped flowers. Beautiful texture. Hardy to Zone 5. Not so reliable in colder areas. perennial July-September
Campanula persicifolia blue and white Beautiful bells atop tall stems may need staking perennial no seeds or plants Late June-July
Chelone both pink and white Unusual flowers. Beautiful with Zinnias. Can take partial shade. perennial no plants August-September
Convalaria majalis Lily of the Valley Amazing fragrance. Delicate blooms.  Short. Very aggressive spreader. perennial no plants or bareroot Late May-Early June
Delphinium many kinds and colors Gorgeous flowers in blues, purples, whites, and pinks. Can be giant stalks. may blow over in wind and rain. May need staking perennial yes plants July-September yes!
Echinacea purpurea Very hardy plant. Lots of purple daisies. Attacts butterflies japanese beetles like it. perennial seed heads, yes seeds or plants July-October
Echinops Veitch's Blue Beautiful blue globe thistle. Unusual metallic blue color. Tall stems. Can be difficult to establish from seed. perennial yes plants August-September
Eryngium Several Varieties Beautiful metallic thistle flowers. Nice with sunflowers. not so reliable year to year perennial yes plants August-September
Eupatorium chocolate Beautiful dark foliage with creamy flowers in late fall. late bloomer perennial no plants September-October
Grass Phalaris Picta (ribbon grass) Beautiful white and green striped grass. spreads quickly perennial no plants all season
Heliopsis Summer sun Tall plants with bright yellow daisies.  perennial maybe seeds or plants Late summer
Hosta many varieties Beautiful leaves in many shades of green with white markings. Adds nice edge to spring and summer bouguets. Leaves hold up in vase best if grown in some sun. Flowers can also be useful slugs eat the leaves perennial no Plants or roots Leaves all season, blooms mid summer
Leucanthemum Beckie Daisies Best shasta daisy avaliable. perennial no plants Late July-September yes!
Matricaria ultra double white Excellent filler-type of flower. Beautiful white blooms perennial so-so seeds or plants Early July-August
Monarda several colors Beautiful flowers, fragrant plant, attracts hummingbirds and butterflies. can be an aggressive plant perennial so-so plants Late July-September
Penstemon Husker red Beautiful white flowers atop dark foliage. May bloom again in fall. Chocolate colored seed pods. perennial no plants Late June-July yes!
Rudbeckia Several Varieties Beautiful bright blooms occasionally wilts in vase self seeding annual/ perennial no seeds or plants July-October yes!
Paeonia many varieties Gorgeous buds and blooms super hardy plants can be beaten in rain, may need staking possibly plants or roots Late June yes!